about us

We decided to combine our love for fishing with our passion for helping others. We were already helping the sharks by tagging them for the Shark Rodeo to help researchers all over the world. Now, how could we help people too?
In 2017, our charity's founder, Nick Fuller, found out that his big sister had cancer. Big sis couldn't afford not to work, so Nick set out to raise some money to help. Nick and his wife, Emily, set up a shark fishing tournament that year. While it didn't raise much, it was a help.
Nick and Emily had no intention of making this a yearly tournament, but the following year Emily's friend and co-worker found out her son Eli was diagnosed with cancer. And so Team Shark at the Moon rallied together and put on another tournament, this time even bigger. Over the years we have added a fall tournament, car shows, fishing charters and merch. Everything we do here goes back into the charity, as we continue to ease the burden of cancer, one bite at a time.

Our Mission

To make a difference in the lives of families affected by cancer, one bite at a time.

Board of Directors

Nicholas Fuller

Chief Executive Officer

Emily Fuller

Chief Financial Officer

Fabian Miller

Chief Operations Officer

Jeff Smith

Chief Community Outreach Officer